”just tired” she muttered but you could tell it was not just a lack of sleep but a lack of hope and happiness   that made her act the way she did (h.m)   The world that we live in is an exhausting place to be. It is wearing. It is thankless. It is […]


The Voices.

What I’m going to write for this blog post is basically a note for me- from  me.   I’m scared of all those voices Inside my head They scream to hell They could bring me to death I can’t let them win But I’m just so tired So tired of this life So tired to […]

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This Too Shall Pass.

Yes, read that title once again. Reflecting on some of the painful experiences I’ve been through, I realize how hard it can be to overcome sadness and pain. I realize that time doesn’t heal all wounds completely, but it helps the pain subside. No matter how long it takes, you will feel better at some […]

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The Monsters.

Monsters are real… The scariest monsters that exist are the ones that lurk within our souls. They live inside all of us, and sometimes- they win. The strongest of people are the ones that have a command over their monsters. I put this topic off a really long time and felt like there is no […]

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Survive To Conquer?

Ever since I have started taking shape in my mother’s womb, I have been a burden (no joke). I am a soon-to-be 18 year old who is practically done with this pointless life. Literally done with all these pain and obstacles that I often question myself- why am I doing this and for what? They […]

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